I've been a lucky guy to teach more or less regularly with these two fantastic partners:

Bice Lee Herold
Some know her as Bice, some know her as Lee but both names lead to a happy and cheerful dancer who actually started lindy hop by coincidence. After many years of ballet and many attempts of other dances, her grandfather gave her his only swing CD - he only liked classical music - and that’s how it started. She fell in love with the music, the rhythm, the community and the playfulness of the dance and got stuck with it ever since. Moreover she loves to share her passion and started training and teaching with Veit in 2012. And there she is, traveling the world, spending every free minute on her most fulfilling passion. 
Bice is based in Helsinki, Finnland.

Anna Yakshina

Everything started with friend’s words: “I’m going to check swing dancing. Do you want to go with me?” 
Sure. I stuck here for almost 5 years now and not going to quit. I tried some dances before, but nothing was like Lindy. 
It makes every dance special. It’s old, but is developing all the time. It’s natural and making people communicate on a dance floor. And for me it opened the world.
Anna is a rising star in the global Lindy Hop community. She regularly places in competitions she enters. 
 Anna is based in Moscow, Russia.