Bio Veit Hailperin

Originally from the German lindy hop scene, Veit is best known for his feel-good leading and creativity on the social dance floor. He values freedom that lindy hop offers most. To enjoy and use those to a full extent he puts a lot of focus in his classes on natural movement, rhythm as well as the very simple and comfortable way of "Just Do It!". 
Veit can be seen all over at workshops in- and outside of Europe, spreading the joy of lindy hop from down in Portugal all the way up to Norway and from UK to Poland.
If he is not dancing, he rocks the dance floor as Doctor Jazz. He is regularly seen in finals of Lindy Hop competitions throughout Europe. Veit is also the organizer of the Swiss Rhythmjuice Rendezvous. 

In his free time he has been writing articles about lindy hop. For example:  "Stealing" and A Dance is Like a Conversation and now hits you with his blog, where he talks about teaching, dancing and dj-ing.